the same person who blatantly misquoted jared’s answer from nerd hq to make it out like he’d said he was glad women aren’t on the show goes on to laud misha for being ~excellent and respectful~ when literally minutes before he told a room full of people and everyone watching that his favorite part was “the first time i’d slept with jared’s wife”

like, in typical jared fashion he wasn’t even answering her question about women, he was talking about the lack of romance in the show. the fucked up part was the earlier joke alluding to misha and mark ~not being male~ and aisha’s bullshit answer about the lack of interior lives of men on tv

ya’ll wanna be taken seriously for calling out misogyny and bullshit but it never applies when it’s with ur fave huh


Q: We’re hearing so much about how Sam might be doing some things that are questionable to the point where it raises the question of who the bigger monster is - him or demon!Dean. What can you tease about what he will do in the quest of saving Dean.

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demon!dean exploiting sam’s love for dean in order to hurt sam: The Ultimate Nightmare

Jared and Jensen + SDCC 2014

Hall H was strangely quiet this morning. ♢


Hall H was strangely quiet this morning.

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